“Flourishing with Gardening – HT Treasure Box”-Grass Head Doll

In support of the National Horticultural Therapy (HT) Week (March 16–20, 2020) this year, and the impact of COVID-19 causing suspension of the member programs and training conducted by the Hong Kong Association of Therapeutic Horticulture (HKATH) currently, HKATH has made effort in producing a series of video clips called “Flourishing with Gardening – HT Treasure Box”. Experienced Registered Horticultural Therapists of HKATH were invited to teach HT activities in the clips, these would be beneficial to members and students and allow them keep learning. Those HT activities are relaxing and are suitable for family to work together at home. With both Chinese and English subtitles, you are welcomed to share the clips to your friends and family members elsewhere, so that more people know about HT. A special thanks goes to our collaborative partner “St. James Settlement Continued Education Center” , our coordinator, Mr Hon Sum KWOK, Supervisor(HKATH) and all the RHTs contributing to the program.

For the first episode of “Flourishing with Gardening – HT Treasure Box”, we are happy to have Mr Neville Tat Ieong VONG, RHT(HKATH), demonstrating how to make a cutie “Grass Head Doll”:

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