The Hong Kong Association of Therapeutic Horticulture (HKATH) was established in 2008. The aim of HKATH is to facilitate growth of therapeutic horticulture, in terms of professionalism and popularity. As of February 2018, HKATH has more than 400 members. Among them, 226 professional members (RHT, AHT & HTF) are registered in HKATH, including 58 RHTs who spread over Hong Kong, mainland China, Macau and Taiwan.


Looking forward, HKATH will continue its training of horticultural therapists by keeping the three-track mode in theory, practice and internship, so as to nurturing professionals and talents in the HT industry.  Moreover, with a view to strengthening the recognition of horticultural therapy, HKATH has planned to put more resources in academic researches by co-operating with more organizations to further verify the effectiveness of horticultural therapy. Overall, what HKATH has been doing is to allow more people, irrespective of target groups or horticultural therapy practitioners, to feel the healing power of plants, to enhance their physical and mental health and to feel joy and hope through horticultural activities.


Download pamphlets about “HKATH”, “Horticultural Therapy”, “Therapeutic Landscape”, “Training” and “Internship” (Chinese only).