Serenity Special Issue 2024:Advancing Professionalism in HT through Internship

Horticultural therapy (HT) is increasingly recognized by the public. The Hong Kong Association of Therapeutic Horticulture (HKATH) has always adhered to professional development and the integration of theory and practice. In terms of training, in addition to theoretical study, we believe that a robust internship program is an important and necessary part. Many interns have said that they had gained a lot along the way, but it was not easy.

To let more people understand the professionalism of horticultural therapy, and to inspire and encourage those embarking on the journey of internship, HKATH has prepared the Serenity Special Issue 2024Advancing Professionalism in HT through Internship to affirm the value of internship from multiple perspectives. This special issue shares the insights of local HT internship institutions and overseas experts, including Lesley Fleming and Teresia Hazen. Our internship coordinator Maia Tam also shares her testimony to the achievements of our internship program which has been operating for more than a decade. In addition, registered horticultural therapists and interns of our association tell us from their first-hand experience reflecting the importance of internship system to professional development.