HKATH HT Research Publication

HKATH and her research team were invited to attend the award ceremony and to give the presentation to participants of different countries at the AHTA Annual Conference in Michigan this October.

This horticultural therapy research “Effects of Horticulture on Frail and Prefrail Nursing Home Residents: A Randomized Controlled Trial”, conducted with the effort of HKATH, School of Nursing of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Pok Oi Hospital, was published in an international journal [Journal of the American Medical Directors Association (JAMDA)] in 2018.

HKATH had successfully published four research reports at international journals in the past years, besides the one mentioned above, two reports “An Exploratory Study on the Effect of Horticultural Therapy for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities” and “The Effect of Horticultural Therapy on the Quality of Life of Palliative Care Patients” were published in 2017, and the latest one “Validation of the Non-pharmacological Therapy Experience Scale” has just been published in mid-2019. For more details of the research reports, please visit the HKATH’s website(

Connie has been striving for promoting and developing horticultural therapy in HK and the Greater China region, training up professionals, and developing an evidence-based horticultural therapy through conducting academic researches with a view to enhancing the public’s awareness and recognition of the benefit of horticultural therapy on different target groups. Connie has made valuable contribution and truly deserves the awards.

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